What are the best School Backpacks for Teenage Girls?

It is that time of the year again when school is about to open and a lot of teenage girls are in the lookout for the best school backpack that would make them look and feel cooler. Apart from that, it should also be functional and can fit most of the stuff a teenage girl usually lugs.


What are the best backpacks for teenage girls?

To give you that added boost of “hipster” vibe, we have compiled three of the best backpacks in the market that are not only durable and reliable but have a lot of very girly designs to suit your tastes.


High Sierra Loop Backpack

High Sierra Loop Backpack, Black/Charcoal
  • LARGE, MULTI-COMPARTMENT DESIGN: generous main compartments and multiple pockets to keep all of your gear secure and organized; includes a dedicated TechSpot tablet sleeve, mesh beverage pockets, and a front attachment clip
  • PADDED BACK PANEL AND SHOULDER STRAPS: this loop backpack has a primary padded back panel and a yoke-style, S-shaped mesh padded shoulder straps with Suspension System designed for comfort and ease of carrying
  • NON-SLIP SHOULDER PADS: Non-slip shoulder pads disburse weight more evenly on your shoulder while you travel; adjustable to fit your height and are easy to remove when not needed; a swivel clip at the end of the strap helps prevent twisting


This backpack features a 300 x 250-denier Duralite/water resistant coating/hexagon ripstop. The entire backpack is enveloped in special water-resistant coating to make sure it endures the changing weathers, especially rain and drizzles. It will surely keep your stuff dry and safe, especially if you’re carrying a lot of books and notebooks.

PROS: The inside of the bag has several compartments with multiple pockets, including zippered mesh pocket, pen pockets, lidded media pocket, and key fob. This makes it easier for you to organize your stuff and to avoid having to turn your bag over just to find something.

Using the organizer and multiple pockets will help you remember where you have placed your things, no matter how small or big. Fishing out the things you need when you are in a hurry is easier.

The shoulder straps come with padding for comfort and ease of carrying. This backpack, suited for teenage girls, has non-slip straps that are designed to carry heavyweight stuff, such as your books and electronic devices. The design of the straps also allows disbursing weight more evenly on your shoulder while you travel. There’s also a swivel clip at the end of the strap, which helps prevent twisting.

CONS: Users recommend not putting too much heavy stuff inside the bag such as a laptop. A lot of people who regularly use it to carry very heavy stuff have experienced damages, especially at the seams where much of the weight is centered. The stitches along the zipper may also easily come loose if opening it while the cloth around it is stretched.


JanSport Classic SuperBreak Backpack


This is an ultra-functional backpack that can be used not only for school, but anywhere the user wants to go because it can carry a lot of weight without problem. The design is also very versatile. The cloth comes in a lot of light colors and patterns, which teenage girls would surely love. One favorite is the “Pink Pansy Confetti Dots” design because of its fun prints and combination of colors pleasing to the eye. JanSport is a very classic backpack that anyone can wear it with style.

PROS: This bag can take a lot of beating and daily use because of its 600-denier construction that won’t easily rip. Expect years of use with this bag, with proper care and maintenance of course. The bag comes with one large inner compartment where you can store 2 to 3 textbooks, binder, spiral notebooks, calculator, cell phone, and more.

Then there’s one outer compartment where you can store smaller items such as pens, clips, MP3 players, keys etc. The outer pocket also comes with an organizer so you can easily find your things.

The straps are padded so that you’ll experience comfort on your shoulders while carrying it. It also enables the user to balance the weight on each side. Two-thirds of the back panel is also padded to give more comfort to your back. This is good for people who experience back pains due to carrying a lot of weight on their shoulders, or those who have posture problems. The SuperBreak bag also carries a lifetime warranty.

CONS: Most of the negative reviews for this bag complained about broken zippers only after a few weeks of use. This may been because of quality control as the writers of positive reviews greatly outweighs the negative ones.

If you have experienced this, make sure to return your JanSport bag immediately. The bag comes with lifetime warranty so if the issue is about a broken zipper, they would surely replace it, especially when bought from Amazon.


Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack

Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack, Dark Shaddow/Black Synthetic Leather
  • Signature striped fabric liner
  • Padded and fleece lined 15 inch laptop sleeve
  • Front pocket with internal mesh organizers and key clip


This Herschel bag is classy in style and many teenage girls would love its no-nonsense construction and design. This bag will catch a lot of eyes because of its simple, yet elegant form.

The upper-part is made of coated canvas that is waterproof and shiny while the bottom part is made of faux leather that is made with eco-friendly materials. Although it looks the same, compartment and pockets wise, to a classic JanSport bag, the Hershel backpack differs once you get to touch and feel it.

PROS: What many reviewers loved about this bag is the quality. It’s made of high quality polyester with thick polyester lining. It’s also Herschel’s top selling backpack design because of its distinct waterproof materials and front zipper, so you’re sure that no liquid will be leaking inside.

The inside of the bag has a built-in laptop sleeve to separate your machine from your books and notebooks. The outer part has a pocket with an organizer inside for your smaller things. It’s very sturdy and well built so you’re sure you can put in a lot of stuff without worrying about the seams breaking. The straps are also padded for additional comfort.

CONS: It’s a bit on the expensive side, unlike JanSport and High Sierra, which cost half of the price of Herschel. Many reviewers also said it was quite small than expected. To give you an idea of its size, some users have fit in their laptops, two books, and a few notebooks. More than that, you might have some space issues. Anyhow, it’s a really high quality bag that will last you years of use.



Whatever backpack and design you pick, make sure that it is comfortable and roomy enough to fit all your books, notebooks, electronic devices, and other school supplies that you intend to bring to class. Also make sure that the straps are padded to make carrying all these more comfortable. Don’t sacrifice the look and design for the quality and comfort.

What are the best rucksack backpacks for girls?

Rucksack backpacks are really cool, especially if you want to make a statement that screams class. Most rucksacks are designed with rustic, vintage applique or ornamented with leather flaps, for a classier feel. Girls who own these rucksack backpacks want to be separated from the rest as it instantly makes them unique.


Which of these rucksack backpacks for girls should you pick?

We have compiled a bunch of rucksack backpacks below complete with review to help you decide on which one to buy:


EcoCity Vintage Canvas Backpack Rucksack Schoolbag

WindFeel Vintage Retro Canvas Backpack School Bag School College Laptop Bag Rucksack Khaki
  • UNISEX. Think all the backpacks on the market are made only for women? Well not this one.
  • Khaki tan designer-grade canvas material with understated PU leather straps, trims and pocket slings. Functional front pocket, two side pockets with metal zippers.
  • Double padded canvas covered double slings for easy and convenient portability and carriage.


This rucksack is made of 100% cotton canvas, a great addition if you are living an eco-friendly casual lifestyle. It is comfortable and at the same time, durable and fashionable.

This will turn heads because of its rustic design that comes in three colors: Army Green, Black, Brown, and Khaki. Depending on the girl’s style, she will love black and green if she’s on the adventurous side, and brown and khaki if she’s the laidback type.

PROS: The interiors are very roomy; you’ll be able to fit in a few books and binders, as well as some electronics (depending on the size of your laptop, it may not fit). It should fit a 13-inch laptop, a tablet, phones, a few pieces of books, and spare clothing. This doubles not only as a schoolbag but it is also your perfect choice if you like going to weekend getaways with your friends.

On the inside, it has a cellphone pocket, interior zipper pocket for some IDs, cash, and cards, and an iPad sleeve. There are three zip pockets on the exterior of the bag for your smaller items such as pens and clips, keys, coins, etc. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable to make carrying more comfortable.

CONS: The leather straps in front may look dilapidated over time, but to some people, this may be a pro rather than a con because it enhances the overall rustic design of the bag. Apart from that, this bag doesn’t really have any downsides because the stitches and the seams are very well made that it doesn’t look like it would fall apart even after years of heavy use.


Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

Herschel Little America Backpack-Black
  • Custom striped fabric liner
  • Padded and fleece lined 15" laptop sleeve
  • Magnetic strap closures with metal pin clips


This bag is very roomy. If you’re on the lookout for a rucksack that fits more than just books and your laptop, then this is it. For females with smaller frames though, it may not look good because the size might be overwhelming. It is 20” high and 10” wide with a shoulder strap length of 35”. The tall design is inspired by classic mountaineering style, so if you’re looking for one that is good for camps and out of towns, then this is it.

PROS: The material is coated so it is moderately water resistant. It is made of durable polyester that is sturdy and comfortable when used. The flaps in front are secured by two durable straps and fastened by magnets. To fully protect your items inside, you’ll find underneath the magnetic flaps a drawstring hidden away at the mouth of the bag so none of your belongings would slip outside.

Inside the bag is spacious; you’ll be able to fit a lot of books and notebooks as well as electronic devices. It comes with a laptop pouch that can effectively hold a 15” laptop and tablet. It comes in different colors, mostly plains. But there are ones with prints such as zebra and camouflage. Overall, it’s a gorgeous bag that performs, as it should. It could definitely hold a lot of weight too, as the straps are thick and durable.

CONS: Girls who are looking for patterned eye-catching rucksack might not be happy with the Herschel Little America, as most colors are plain and some may consider it dull. Although some come with prints, it’s not that fascinating either, although some are quite cute, like the “Duck Camo”. The flaps, made of full grain leather, don’t feel like genuine leather to touch. Upside is that it’s very comfortable as the pads on the back and on the straps help even out the weight.


Koolertron Women vintage retro genuine leather canvas rucksack

Koolertron Classic Casual PU Leather Vintage Fashion Unisex School Student 14" Laptop Backpack for Camping Travel Fits Acer Aspire MacBook iPhone iPad and Samsung Tablet (Brown)
  • High quality PU Leather and cotton
  • Dimension:45cmx13cmx30 cm;17.7x5.11x11.81 inch;Weight:About 0.78KG;27.5oz
  • The bag compartment for the IPAD tablet computer, can accommodate 14 inch notebook computer, the main bag is a large space, can put books, magazines etc.


This high quality rucksack backpack is made of canvas and cow leather. Those who are looking for a classy rucksack may end their search with this. It comes in four colors so girls can choose according to their personality: Blue, Coffee, Green, and Magenta.

Owners are pleasantly surprised with the level of craftsmanship of this product; it is tailored for heavy-duty use so you can rest assured that no seams would rip that easily.

PROS: Authentic cow leather is used for the flaps in the main compartment and outer compartment. These flaps are held by magnetic snap closures that are made of sturdy materials. Inside, it has a lot of pockets for your belongings. Compared to the photo, which makes the rucksack look small, this backpack is very roomy and can fit most laptop sizes and other school stuff such as books, binders, etc.

The outside compartment can fit smaller items such as your phone, MP3 player, pens, keys, coins, clips, etc. This is great if you need to get something fast, as you don’t need to fish it inside your bag.

The canvas also looks and feels durable, and is coated to make it more waterproof. There is also a zipped compartment at the back where you can place important items like IDs, cash, and bank cards.

CONS: Only complaint for this rucksack is the lack of support and padding where needed such as in the shoulder straps and back. The straps also look thin so carrying laptop, books, and other heavy items may be uncomfortable because of the straps. Good thing, the stitches look durable so you don’t have to worry about it getting loose.



The efficient rucksack backpack must not only solely focus on the design but also to function and comfort as well. Pick ones that have provision for laptop sleeve if you intend to bring your computer with you all the time. At the same time, make sure to find something that has pads on the shoulder straps at the back to give you more support, if you’re carrying a lot of weight.

What are the Best Rated small backpacks for kids?

The beginning of school is looming. It’s that time of the year again where you have to take your kid shopping for brand new stuff to use for school such as school supplies, shoes, and bags.


Which one of these best-rated small backpacks should you pick?

To help you decide on what to get for your little pumpkin pie, we have compiled the best-rated small backpacks for kids below:


O3 Kid’s All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks with Integrated Cooler

Obersee Kid's All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks with Integrated Cooler, Rhinestone Star
  • O3 Kid's backpack features a front pocket with an insulated lunch cooler so no need to tote an extra lunch bag
  • Adjustable breathable mesh padded straps and breathable padded mesh lumbar section on back for ultimate comfort
  • Interior organizer pockets and roomy main compartment large enough to fit standard size school folders


This is the perfect backpack for kids entering pre-school as it is small enough to be carried by their small frames, yet roomy enough to fit a lot of stuff for school such as pad papers, crayons, pencils, packed lunch and snacks, and a change of clothes. It is one of the best-rated small backpacks from Amazon at 4.5 out of 5 stars, from reviews by 177 customers.

PROS: It is made of polyester fabric that is easy to clean and wash in case your child dumps his lunch over it or spills juices. Dirt and mud can also be easily taken off. This is good because we all know that kids are very prone to get into a lot of mess. The O3 backpack has an insulated front pocket, which is perfect for storing lunch and snacks. This way, your child doesn’t need to lug a separate bag for his lunch.

The interior of the main pocket is roomy enough for your child’s school needs. In the exterior, you’ll find a side drink pouch, a pocket for storage of smaller items like pencils and erasers, and an adjustable chest strap for a more stable wear. The O3 backpack also comes in a variety of fun designs and colors for both boys and girls.

CONS: The top seam of the bag is prone to easily fraying. The customer who experienced this said that it’s not advisable for the bag to be carrying a lot of weight, which is really the case because this bag is intended for toddlers, and they’re not supposed to carry a lot. Still, this isn’t an excuse for a low-quality bag for the price. On the bright side, O3 offers replacements.


Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack

Skip Hop Zoo Kids Insulated Lunch Box, Blossom Butterfly, Pink
  • Roomy, insulated lunch bag keeps food and drinks cold
  • Large main compartment of the kids lunch box is big enough for a sandwich, apple and juice box
  • Lunchbags easily wipe clean or are machine washable on a gentle cycle and allow to air dry with a gentle detergent.


This backpack is great for toddlers because it is very safe for them, being BPA free, Phthalate free, and PVC free. It is small enough for little bodies yet functional enough to contain all their necessities.

Like the O3 backpack, the Skip Hop bag comes with an insulated pouch for snacks and an adjustable mesh pocket for bottled drink. It is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars and is reviewed by 1,296 customers.

PROS: This bag is perfect for kids aged three and up. It features a roomy compartment where all the things your child needs can be stuffed securely inside. The straps are padded and adjustable so your child can wear it with comfort. It’s also easily accessible to children as the zippers are made of extra-large handles for easier opening and closing.

It comes in a variety of designs with cute appliques suited for your child’s creative whims. As the name of the backpack suggests, all bags are designed to mimic different animals. Boys and girls alike will love its cuteness. Girls will love the Bee, Owl, and Ladybug, while boys would like the Dinosaur, Fox, and Zebra.

CONS: Majority of the negative reviews complained about receiving fake items. Instead of Skip Hop, they received knockoff products that have different brand names. Be weary; users have complained about the cheap materials used in the knockoff product, and it smelled terribly of chemical. Return the product to Amazon as soon as possible and demand a replacement or refund.


Stephen Joseph Boys 2-7 Sidekick Backpack

Stephen Joseph Boys' Little Sidekicks Backpack, Dino, Green
  • IMAGINATIVE CHARACTERS: School has never been more fun! Your child is sure to find a design they love from our collection of characters. Don't forget to make it a set with other coordinating Stephen Joseph products or customize it to make it your own!
  • 3-D PIECES: Our bags make learning fun with 3-D pieces that bring characters to life. These extra cute accents take backpacks to a new level, and your child will love their new friend!
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: With accessible pockets, fun designs, and even a matching zipper charm, there are plenty of great features on this backpack that are stylish and smart. Cushioned, adjustable straps and a handy hanging loop also make it kid friendly and parent approved!


This bag is perfect for boys who want to have some sort of a “buddy” when going to school. Your child can choose their sidekick from the four designs: Dino, Dog, Monkey, and Tiger. It features cute ear appliques that your toddler can play with. It is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars from Amazon.

PROS: The 100% polyester material isn’t high maintenance and you can hand wash it with ease. You don’t have to worry about running colors or fading of the bag. This is good because children are prone to making a big mess. Also, when you buy one of these bags, a portion will go to a children’s scholarship fund. You’re not only making your child happy with this bag, but you’re also able to send children to school.

CONS: Customers complained about the sub-standard materials used. They recommend it for toddlers under five years old who won’t give it much tear and wear. However, for older kids who have more items to put in their bag, this may not be advisable as the materials can fray easily.


Stephen Joseph Girls 2-6X Quilted Backpack

Stephen Joseph Quilted Backpack, Teal Bee
  • FUN & FUNCTIONAL: Colorful, exciting characters and patterns make this bag super stylish. Your child is sure to find something they love with the variety of designs offered. Don't forget to make it a set with other coordinating Stephen Joseph products or customize it to make it your own!
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: With zipper pockets, unique embroidered and appliqued designs, and the cutest coordinating zipper pull, there are plenty of great features on this backpack that set it apart from your average bag. Adjustable straps and a handy hanging loop also make it kid friendly and parent approved.
  • SPACIOUS DESIGN: Measuring 12"x 13.5" this bag offers plenty of room for all the necessities and is a great size for young children!


Girls will swoon when they see the lineup of this adorable bag. It comes in 14 varying colors and designs that each comes with unique and adorable appliques. Even adults will take some time to recover from its cuteness. You can choose from pastel colors, pinks, purples, turquoise, and apple greens, and designs, flowers, princesses, castles, butterflies, and fruits.

PROS: Out of all the top-rated bags listed here, this is the cutest. It is made of 100% cotton that is soft and comfortable to wear. It can also be machine-washed through cold water on gentle cycle. The quilted material also holds up its shape perfectly and you can fit in a lot of stuff for a day’s work at school, at grandma’s or at the playpen.

CONS: This bag is only good for toddlers who aren’t supposed to be carrying too much. Older kids who use this for school may find that the bag isn’t enough to hold all their belongings. Regular sized folders and books might stick out and not fit well.



Whatever you pick, involve your toddler in the selecting process, as it can be really enjoyable for him/her to choose the stuff that he/she will use. If your kid really loves and adores the backpack, chances are, he will use it a lot, saving you some cash when the next school year rolls.

What are the best-rated messenger bags for kids?

Is your child excited for the first day of school? Pair their eagerness with one of these stylish messenger bags for kids that will jumpstart their day. If you’re lucky, waking them up every school morning won’t be as difficult.


Which one of these best-rated messenger bags for kids should you pick?

We have listed a bunch of top-rated messenger bags for kids complete with reviews to help you decide on the right one for your child:


Wildkin Retro Kickstart Messenger Bag

SaleBestseller No. 1
Sechunk Canvas Small Messenger Bag Shoulder bag Cross body bag for men boy student school
  • Main material: Use high-quality canvas, bronze, cotton and leather
  • Structure: A total of six pockets outside: a front zipper pocket and two open pockets, a zippered back pocket; inside: one main pocket, two open pockets, a zippered pocket;
  • Dimensions: 14.57 '' * 3.15 '' * 11.42 '' Capacity: 8.58 L Weight: 0.70 KG


This bag is made from polyester and is 13” high and 10” wide. It will fit most of your kid’s belongings for a day in school, or a visit to the grandparents, or just a getaway to his friend’s place. This is perfect for school because it comes with two utility pockets underneath the flaps where he can put his smaller school items such as pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc.

PROS: There are over 20 designs and colors to choose from. Your child will really have an exciting time choosing the one that best suits his personality. Boys will love the horse, camouflage and zebra patterns while girls will swoon over the bright pink leopard, dainty flowers, and dots. Velcro holds the front flaps tightly so that none of your belongings will spill out of the bag.

The interior has plenty of room; it can fit all the books your child will need for school as well as packed lunch, snacks, and a change of clothes. This trendy messenger bag for kids also comes with a sturdy shoulder strap that is padded and adjustable. This gives comfort to the wearer despite the heavy load.

CONS: Majority of the reviewers complained about the seams ripping only after a few months’ use. Many said that the stitches aren’t very well made. These may be quality control problems, as the majority didn’t complain about quality issues.


High Sierra Tank Messenger Bag 

High Sierra Tank Messengar Bag, Black
  • Fully-padded computer sleeve fits most 17" laptops.
  • Adjustable flap with quick-release buckles and hook/loop closure. Zippered accessory pocket on lid.
  • Mesh beverage and media pocket. Premium organizer with multiple pockets and key fob.


This messenger bag made of high quality polyester is top-rated in Amazon with 4.4 out of 5 stars given by 289 reviewers. It’s a really good quality bag that has lots of compartments and pockets for easy organization. The main compartment is roomy enough to fit all the stuff your kids need for school.

PROS: Like the Wildkin Messenger bag, this High Sierra bag comes in 24 great designs and colors. Girls and boys alike will have a hard time picking the one that they want because they’ll surely love a bunch of them.

The designs are really creative and the color combinations are catchy. Any kid wearing this High Sierra messenger bag will feel really proud. It’s also very durable as High Sierra uses rip-stop fabric that holds up incredibly.

The functionality of this bag is really good as well; it comes with an adjustable flap with quick-release buckles and hook/loop closure so that you won’t have to worry about your stuff spilling out in case you drop your bag or tilt it sideways. There is a zippered pocket in front, which can be used to store items that you always access. There’s a side mesh beverage compartment and a cellphone pocket.

CONS: Some customers have received bags with defects. However, they have easily returned it without problem and Amazon sent them a replacement. Others have complained about the size of the bag; it is either too big or too small. Check the measurements first before purchasing this bag, as it may not be the right size for you.


Hello Kitty Large Glitter Messenger Bag

Hello Kitty Large Glitter Messenger Bag
  • approx 16"x12" large messenger bag
  • adjustable shoulder straps, and a small pocket inside.


Kids who love Hello Kitty will truly feel satisfied with this messenger bag that just screams of cuteness. The flaps feature Hello Kitty’s face in complete detail (with the classic pink ribbons) and holographic glitter effect.

Customers who bought this said that the photos on Amazon don’t justify the real item, as it was shinier and prettier in real life. This is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars.

PROS: This bag is for those who are saving up but really love Hello Kitty without the ridiculous price tag those licensed product requires. After all you don’t need to pay for something solely because of the product license/brand name.

This messenger bag functions the way it should, with its wide compartment enough for your daughter’s supplies for school. The straps are also thick enough to support the weight comfortably.

CONS: Although it is made of sturdy materials, don’t expect that it will hold up when used daily with tons of heavy books and other materials. The stitches and seams aren’t top-notch. It’s also only good for whatever stuff a six or seven-year-old can bring. If you’re aiming for a bag for kids older than this age, find a bigger one and a sturdier one.


Sonic The Hedgehog X Face Blue Messenger Bag


This messenger bag is perfect for boys aged 10 and below. Above that age, they might not appreciate the style and design, or it may not be enough to hold their school supplies and books.

This product is an officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise so you’re sure that you’re getting a really good quality.

PROS: It has a zip atop the main compartment to protect your kid’s stuff from spilling in case of dropping and tilting. The front flap, which has the bright blue face of Sonic, is secured by Velcro. The main compartment is divided for more organization.

It has a zippered mesh pouch inside, zippered back pocket, and two side pockets. The shoulder strap is padded and adjustable so you can adjust it to your child’s height accordingly. The overall polyester material is very sturdy and keeps its shape naturally.

CONS: What owners wouldn’t like about this product is the size, depending on how they intend to use it. You won’t be able to fit too much in it, which is a shame because of the sturdy built of this product. However, for its target market, which is youngers of about seven or eight, the size is just right as kids of this age doesn’t really need to carry too much to school.



Messenger bags are a great way to shift away from the standard backpack used by kids to school. There are a lot of stylish and colorful products to choose from, which will make your child eager and excited to go to school. Make sure to bring them when going shopping for bags so you’re sure that he or she is getting the one they really like.

What are the best girls rolling luggage?

Whether for school or for travel, you ought to buy your child a rolling luggage to help ease the difficulty of having to carry so much. Why not lug your belongings with wheels instead of carrying it behind you? It will lessen the effort you exert, giving you more energy to do more important stuff. This is especially the case if you’re out for a travel. You want to conserve energy as much as possible to visit more, and do more.


Which rolling luggage for girls should you pick?

We have rounded up the best girls rolling luggage no matter what the age. Here you’ll find luggage for toddlers, for kids, and for teens:


Stephen Joseph Girls 2-6X Rolling Luggage

Stephen Joseph Girls Classic Rolling Luggage, Hot Pink/Lime Green One Size
  • FUN & FUNCTIONAL: Colorful, exciting characters and patterns make this luggage super stylish. Your child is sure to find something they love with the variety of designs offered. Don't forget to make it a set with other coordinating Stephen Joseph products or customize it to make it your own!
  • CARRY-ON SIZE: With multiple pockets and plenty of space to pack, this luggage is carry-on sized and ready to roll! Measuring 14.5"x 18"x 6.5", they're great for kids to travel with and easy for parents to manage, too.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: With accessible, zipper pockets and fun designs that even include glitter accents, there are plenty of awesome features that make this luggage stylish and smart. An extendable handle for easy rolling makes travel simple for kids. Multiple outside compartments also help you simply and organize your child's belongings, no matter how far they travel.


This luggage is kids entering kindergarten or preparatory school. It is perfect for their small frames and at the same time, it is big and spacious enough for all the belongings they need to take with them to school. Books, envelops, notebooks, packed lunch, and small school supplies can fit in it just fine.

PROS: This rolling luggage comes in five adorable designs that will really excite your daughter. Take her shopping with you so she can choose the design she wants. Pick from the pastel pink, violet, and green colors with matching butterfly, ladybug, owl, and flower appliques.

The height of the handle can be adjusted according to your child’s height, the maximum is also quite tall, so you can rest assured that your daughter will not outgrow her bag.

It is made of 100% nylon that can be easily hand washed. It has mesh pockets in front and on both sides to hold your child’s packed lunch/snack, as well as water and juice bottles. The zippers are sturdy and won’t break easily, as well as the two back wheels that can carry the weight of your child’s bag with ease.

CONS: Although the zipper is quite sturdy, it doesn’t slide smoothly and is prone to get stuck. When this happens, users tend to pull harder which causes the zippers to eventually break.  Of all the parts of this rolling luggage, the zipper is definitely its weakest point.


O3 Kids Rolling Luggage with Integrated Snack Cooler

Obersee Kids Luggage and Backpack Set with Integrated Cooler, Space
  • Luggage measurements: 16" tall x 11" wide x 85" deep (40 x 28 x 22 cm); Backpack measurements: 145" tall x 10" wide x 55" deep (37 x 25 x 14 cm)
  • Front pocket on luggage and on backpack is an insulated snack cooler, ideal for snacks on the go
  • Luggage is suitable for use as carry on baggage


This rolling luggage is bigger than the previous one reviewed. This is suited for girls who enter first grade because it’s quite roomy and great for lugging books and other heavy school supplies. This bag is perfect for both school use and travel use because it is sturdy enough to hold its shape and protect the belongings inside. This product comes in ten designs for both boys and girls.

PROS: The front pocket is insulated and is considered as a snack cooler, ideal for storage of your child’s packed food. There are also two mesh pockets on the side to hold your child’s water or juice container. Inside the main compartment, there’s a garter that will effectively hold your child’s books or clothing in place. There’s also an inner mesh pocket that can hold important papers and documents.

The handle is sturdy and can be adjusted according to your daughter’s height. The pair of stand in front is made of durable plastic as well as the wheels. It rolls quietly and swiftly; you don’t have to exert too much effort with pulling it behind you, as it slides like a dream.

CONS: The fabric, although thick and durable, is not considered as luggage quality. If you intend to use it daily for school, it will work great, however, if used excessively for travel where it will be on the go for hours at a time or thrown at the airplane storage, it might not last that long. Consider getting a heavy duty luggage for this purpose.


Rockland Luggage 19 Inch Rolling Backpack Printed

Rockland Luggage 19 Inch Rolling Backpack Printed, Purple Pearl, Medium
  • Aluminum single bag handle
  • In line skate wheels
  • Built in lap top compartment


This luggage is meant for girls that are older than eight. This is a bit bigger and heavier than the previous products reviewed. It is made of heavy-duty polyester material that is suitable for use at school or for travel. It has an aluminum single bag handle that can be adjusted according to preferred height and comes in four designs: Bandana, Black Dot, Pink Pearl, and Purple Pearl.

PROS: This rolling luggage for girls is very stable because of its rubber/plastic support at the bottom. You don’t have to worry about it turning over because the weight is evenly spread between the two front stand and pair in line skate wheels. Inside, it’s very roomy and can fit books, binders, folders, and notebooks with ease. The interior also comes with a built-in laptop compartment that is padded to protect your machine from bumps.

It has three generous pockets outside that help you organize your stuff more. The front-most pocket can be used as a lunch kit as it is insulated. This way you don’t have to bring a separate bag for your food. Place water bottles or drink canisters at the mesh compartments located on each side of the luggage.

CONS: The zippers tear off quite easily as written by owners in their negative reviews. Most of the important parts of the bag, like the aluminum handle and the wheels are irreplaceable so if any of these breaks, this luggage is unusable anymore. Also, the bag can transform into a backpack (it has built-in straps) but these are quite weak and users suggest using it only during emergency purposes like when it rains. The stitches on the straps are quite weak and it tears off easily.



If you’re going to purchase a rolling luggage for girlss online for good deals, make sure to check the bag first physically in a store to see if it is the right size, if it’s sturdy and durable enough, and if it fits the needs of the one who will use it.

Sometimes photos and descriptions are not enough and it’s more difficult to return an item when bought online. Make sure that you’re sure with what you’re buying to save you money in the long run, as you don’t have to always purchase replacements or pay for repairs.

Messenger bags for schoolgirls reviews: How to select the best messenger bag for girls?

Looking for the perfect bag for the upcoming beginning of classes? If you have been a backpack user before, you might find shifting to messenger bags a new and fun experience. Once in your schooling life, you ought to try using a messenger bag as it is more convenient and efficient if you’re not carrying too much stuff to school.

Choosing the right messenger bag is important because you don’t want to suddenly tire out of it only after a few months of use. You want it to last for the entire school year or more. Make sure to take some time and don’t buy a messenger bag or anything on impulse as you might regret it in the future.

Before you being your shopping, take some time to read on this article where you’ll find tips on how to select the best messenger bag for girls and some reviews of the top-rated bags on Amazon.


What are the factors to consider when selecting the best messenger bags for girls?

Size: How big your messenger bag is depending on your needs is important. If you are bringing a few books, a binder, and some school supplies like pens, clips, and papers, you won’t need too much room. It will also save you from lugging a large empty bag, making you look smaller than you really are.

On the other hand, if you’re going to lug a laptop and other electronic devices apart from your daily school inclusions, you might consider getting a sturdy bag with provision for a laptop sleeve.

This way, all your stuff won’t be tumbling inside. Consider also your frame; if you’re too skinny or short, a large messenger bag might overwhelm you. You might look like you’re carrying a sack to school, which may start some teasing and bullying. No one likes that.

Structure: You want to get a bag that is sturdy enough to handle all your belongings. Like what was previously mentioned get ones that has compartments for your laptop, your tablet, and other smaller supplies for school.

This is good because you’ll be able to organize your stuff easily, and find what you need in a jiffy. This prevents you from fishing too much inside your bag to get the things you need, or to take out everything just to find what you’re looking for.

The straps of the messenger bag are important too. Since you will be carrying the weight in one shoulder, consider getting a bag that has sturdy straps that won’t give away easily. Check the stitches found on each side of the bag if they are well made. Oftentimes, the side stitches are the ones that give up easily when it comes to messenger bags.

Comfort: The straps that rest on your shoulder should be padded to give more comfort on your shoulder. You don’t want to get a thin one as it can dig into your skin, which may cause bruises over time. Also find something that has a handle on the top middle portion of the bag so you can easily lift it, easing the weight from your shoulders, when needed.

For safety concerns, it’s good to get a bag that has a zippered closure underneath the flap. This is advised so your belongings won’t spill in case the bag is held sideways or upside down.


What are the best messenger bags for girls?


Ogio Midtown Women’s Laptop/Tablet Messenger Bag

Ogio Midtown Women's Laptop/Tablet Messenger Bag
  • Fully padded fleece lined laptop compartment with elastic closure fits most 15" laptops
  • Back padded slip pocket accommodates most iPad/tablet/e-reader devices
  • Fully adjustable shoulder strap


The materials are made of fully padded fleece and nylon for comfortable use and wear. It has an elastic closure underneath the flap while Velcro secures the latter. The inside is very roomy; it can fit in books and a 15” laptop (depends on the size you get, the Ogio messenger bag comes in medium, large, and one size).

It comes in a lot of colors that most girls will find cute. It has added applique button designs in front, which makes it even more adorable but still muted. There are two pockets in front for your small items and another one at the back where you can put more important stuff.


Pink Sparse Tranquility 15.4 inch Laptop Padded Compartment Shoulder Messenger Bag for K-Cliffs Lifestyle

Bestseller No. 1
Pinky Family Super Cute Girls Purse Bunny Ear Shoulder Bag Messenger Bag Girls Gifts (pattern 1 beige)
  • Soft PU leather; Wipe clean with damp cloth
  • Shoulder strap adjustable and removable
  • Cute bunny ear design with a smile face


This is a pretty huge bag, perfect for school where you have to carry a lot of stuff with you like books, binders, and some electronic devices. To give you an idea of its sheer size, it can fit in 15” laptops easily and still has room for your school needs.

The main compartment can be tightened through a cord so none of your belongings would slide out, while Velcro secures the flap. Underneath the flap is a zippered compartment where you can put smaller items such as calculator, keys, pens, chargers, phone, etc.


Retro Leather Canvas School College Messenger Briefcase Satchel Handbag iPad Bag

SaleBestseller No. 1
Kattee Unisex's Classic Military Canvas Shoulder Messenger Bag Leather Straps Fit 16" Laptop (Coffee)
  • BRAND: 100% Brand New & High Quality, with logo and label of Kattee brand. Kattee is an US registered trademark, unauthorized sale without permission, we will investigated for legal responsibility
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Thick high density canvas and real cow leather will last years of unquestionable reliability
  • VINTAGE LOOK AND UNIQUELY STYLISH: Dark brown genuine leather details reminiscent of old fashioned bag; though retro-styled, the design perfectly gels with any modern look


No girl would turn away from this ultra-chic messenger bag with authentic leather flap, handle, and strap. The canvas body is made of high quality thick materials while the hardware is made of brass. It has compartments for your 14” laptop and tablet, and is roomy enough for other school items such as books and A4 sized folders, notebooks, and papers.

It comes in a lot of muted colors that classy girls would love: Army Green, Coffee, Dark Grey, Green, and Khaki. The flap is secured by magnetic closures, one on each buckle. Underneath the flap are two useful pockets where you can place smaller items. Overall, the bag is very sturdy and holds its shape well.



Whatever messenger bag for school you pick, make sure that it’s really the one you want. Don’t buy something half-heartedly; otherwise you wouldn’t appreciate it enough to use it for a long time. If you’re going to spend on something anyway, splurge and buy something that is practical, yet have all the qualities you look for in a bag. There are many choices out there, the ones listed here are just the picks suited for school but you can surely find something out there that tickles your fancy.

How to select backpacks for preschoolers?

After you, as the parent, have done all the hauling for your child, it’s time to let him/her tote his own belongings now that he’s in preschool. In the upcoming opening of classes, make your child’s school year more wonderful by buying a preschool backpack for him that he will surely love.

Although choosing the right backpack for your toddler sounds like an easy feat, there are still some things that you need to consider to make the experience much enjoyable for your child. Bear in mind, that although kids would go for total cuteness, as a parent, you need to think out of the box and consider other factors too, when getting a bag.

Planning and choosing wisely will save you bucks in the long run as you minimize the risk of having to replace the bag only after a few months of use. If you’re lucky, your child might even use the same bag for school years in a row. In this article, read through what you should look for in a backpack for preschoolers.


What to consider when selecting a backpack for preschoolers?

Size: Most bag sizes for preschoolers are around the same dimensions. This is because manufacturers and designers know that toddlers aren’t capable (and shouldn’t be) carrying too much stuff in their backpacks. They won’t bother yet with too much books and notebooks. All they will care about is a pad paper and crayon where they can scribble and draw.

In most cases, the preschool will also provide all those for your kids. They are responsible for all the school supplies used by your child, so he doesn’t need to bring his own to school, thereby lightening the load of his backpack. Therefore, what your child would need in it are packed lunch or snacks, a change of clothes, and probably his favorite toy. A mid-sized bag that fits all your child’s necessities for a day that won’t overwhelm his small figure is the:


Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack

Skip Hop Toddler Backpack, 12" Owl School Bag, Multi
  • Perfect back pack for toddler to preschool to kindergarten
  • School bag includes an insulated front pouch to keep snacks and lunch at the right temperature
  • Canvas material and easy-to-clean lining makes for the perfect backpack for kids on the go!


Design: This is where the fun really is at when it comes to selecting backpacks for preschoolers. Admit it, not only the child is having fun when you go backpack shopping, but you as well because you can’t help but giggle at the cute designs, shapes, and appliques you see. More so that sometimes parents ignore what their kids want just to get the one that catches your attention the most.

Your boy would probably swoon at this bag, the:


DC Comics Batman “Molded Chest” 16″ Children’s School Backpack

The cute 3D six-pack abs in front is enough to make other boys jealous of him. For girls, there is the pink and adorable cartoon character.

Dc Comics Batman "Molded Chest" 16" Children's School Backpack (Batman with Belt pack)
  • Measures approximately 16" x 10" x 5"
  • 3D popup molded chest plate design.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.


Minnie Mouse Face – 12 Inches

Minnie Mouse Face - 12 Inches
  • Polyester
  • Measures 12" x 10" x 4"


It is small and cute enough for toddlers and it is well constructed and durable.

Remember, just because you want glitters don’t mean your daughter will too. Your child will be the one who will use the backpack and will get stuck with it for years and although it seems like toddlers are too young to care, make sure that your child is the one who picks up what he wants. If your child doesn’t appreciate it, chances are, he won’t use it for long, unless he’s forced.

Comfort: Probably the most important thing a bag should be if the child is intended to carry the bag for long walks. You want something that he won’t feel irritated in or else, he’ll throw it onto the ground and you’ll have to carry it for him. It breaks the intention of giving your child freedom to carry his belongings and you’re also making it difficult for yourself, as the parent.

Therefore, find a bag that is comfortable and lightweight, as if it’s not there. Get something that has padded straps so it won’t dig into your child’s skin once the bag is filled with stuff. You want something that evenly distributes the weight onto both shoulders and not force your child into an undesirable posture.

You also want to get something that is easily accessible for them. Their little hands should easily pick up their stuff; you don’t want them fishing inside their bag for too long or taking out all the stuff inside just to find the one they’re looking for. Even the locks, the straps, the zippers should be very child-friendly.


Brica By-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack

Brica By-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack, Green/Blue
  • Toddler backpack keeps your child close when you're out and about and features roomy compartments and pockets for all their essentials
  • Shock absorbing tether helps reduce tension and improve comfort
  • Optional tether is removable for years of backpack use


Has comfortable padded straps and is the right size for the frame of your toddler. It also has an additional function, which is great for parents, an optional tether so you can hold onto your and guide him while walking. This is removable so your child can freely use the backpack without it for years to come.

Purpose: Decide whether the backpack you are about to purchase is only intended for preschool, or you want it to be used by your child for other purposes it may serve such as travelling, going for a day-visit to the grandparents, going to the mall or park, etc. If that’s the case, you want to get one that is very durable for it to last for a lot of uses.

Also, get something that has thick enough fabric so that no water could easily penetrate the bag. It should also be easily washable as the kids can create quite a mess and have food stains or dirt all over the bag. A bag that is easily washable by hand is the:


Stephen Joseph Boys 2-7 Sidekick Backpack

Once washed, you don’t have to wait for too long for it to be used again as the 100% polyester material is fast drying.

Stephen Joseph Mini Sidekicks Backpack, Airplane
  • Like our Sidekick Backpacks, just a bit smaller
  • Approximate size 975'' x 11''



Don’t forget to bring your child when going shopping for bags so that he/she can pick the one he really likes. Also examine the backpack carefully to know if the size is enough for his belongings, if it’s comfortable for his small frame, and if it’s durable enough to endure a lot of beatings.