Welcome to my blog

Joe Allen with daughter.

Hello! My name is Joe Allen, a former backpacker. I’m passionate about education and online shopping. Now, I have a daughter who loves backpacks. That’s why I created this blog.

In recent years, I’ve searched on the internet for high-quality, comfortable and practical backpacks for my kid. My objective was to find products that fit my personal needs.

Does the size of the product suit? How is the experience with it? Is the product well-reviewed?

It has not been easy. The problem is that today there are thousands of options on the market. A lot of products can solve our needs, but that doesn’t mean they all cost the same and will provide us with the experience we want.

Online shopping could be a good experience if we know everything about the product.

That’s why I want to help. In this blog, you will find tips, reviews, analysis, personal opinions, and recommendations of high-quality backpacks for your kids.

I hope my blog would be useful for that. If you can learn about the options available on the market and make a good choice, then we all win. Something is for sure: you’ll be more confident when shopping online.

Thanks for visiting my blog,
Joe Allen

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